Stage To Sell

What is Staging To Sell? 

Staging to sell is about making the most of your property in order to fulfil its potential, get higher valuations, more interest and quicker sales.

We have a proven track record when it comes to successfully staging properties to sell. 

How Will Staging Benefit Me?

  • More listing views
  • Higher Valuation
  • Quicker Sales

Each property we stage is unique, we take everything into consideration from the location to the demographic of your target market. 

Staging can take the hassle out of your hands, we make sure we give your property the WOW factor in order to secure more viewings, creating more interest in your property. 

How It Works

  • Send us your floor plan, dimensions and photos.
  • We will discuss your design Brief. 
  • We will send you a moodboard and quote.
  • You can request to add/remove any items.
  • Once agreed, we will arrange an install date and send you the contract.
  • On installation day, we will take care of everything, right down to steaming the beds and taking multiple staged photos of each room. 
  • We do a property handover, to make sure you’re happy, including multiple photographs per room, for your marketing. 
  • 6 week hire period begins. 
  • We will arrange a de-install date with you.

Our service includes a qualified stylist along with an install team, professional photographs to use for your marketing and a completely hands off approach to making sure your property is ready to market.

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